10-9-18 Out with the Sand and in with the Green

We depart from our Hotel again but with passports and luggage in hand on our way to the border. The drive was long and full of the last sights to see. Jordan treated us will mountain high views of the land full of green off in the distance with plain desert standing in front.  At the border we said goodbye to our wonderful guide Omar and hello to our new guide Doran.

We were ecstatic to see the holy land and all she has to offer. Immediately we noticed the difference of landscapes. From trash ridden deserts to fields of vegetation and care. We met with our new five companions at Bet she’an and explored the ancient and destroyed roman city. It was fair to say the elements were not merciful to this historic place but we were still able to see so much of the old city. The old theater were debates took place and even the bathrooms held up quite well, so well that we could imagine ourselfs there back when the streets were bustling with Romans.

After a great pizza we ran back onto the bus and hustled to the Sea of Galilee. Not many sights we have seen so far could match the beauty and relevance of the sea. The boat ride we took put a cool refreshing breeze on our backs matched with the warmth of the sun. Daniel Carmel sang to us  and then we all sang together and had a peaceful time out on the smooth water.

After returning we went inside the ancient boat museum and saw the 2000 year old wonder. We learned about how the boat was taken from the sea and how it has been preserved for all this time.

We finally rested in our new hotel and waited with twitching anxiety for our next day and what treasures it would hold.

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