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After  breakfast we set out to explore the City of Cairo.  W visited the Museum with the King Tut treasures and the room of the mummies and many other artifacts.


Our guide Gigi gives us very knowledgeable and gives us detailed information about what we are seeing

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Arrival of the group in Cairo

After a leisurely morning we went to the airport to meet up with the group. 




Their plane was a little late getting in so we went directly to the hotel thru some pretty heavy traffic

We are staying at the Marriot Cairo and had a very lovely 5 course meal after which I’m sure everyone was ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow will start our full day of touring

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9-26- Arrival in Cairo

After being awake for 30+ hours I touched down in Cairo..  I was very happy to see Ayman holding up the On Wings of Eagles sign before I even got to passport control.  After picking up my luggage we met Doron who was waiting at the passenger entrance area  I was more than ready to wind down with a glass of wine on my balcony and then a good night;s sleep

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