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Arrival of the group in Cairo

After a leisurely morning we went to the airport to meet up with the group. 




Their plane was a little late getting in so we went directly to the hotel thru some pretty heavy traffic

We are staying at the Marriot Cairo and had a very lovely 5 course meal after which I’m sure everyone was ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow will start our full day of touring

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OWOE Redesigned

Welcome to the brand new On Wings Of Eagles site!

As you can see, we’ve recently gone through a site-wide redesign, upgrading our look. Don’t worry though, it’s still your same, trusted, dynamic duo (Harriet and Phyllis) running the show! We just recruited the help of a certain grand-daughter to help out a little. Here she is on one of our trips to Israel in 2016 –



If you’re interested in seeing Israel for yourself, you can get more details by downloading our brochure on our Upcoming Trips page, or you can contact us through our Contact Us page. You’re guaranteed to love it, maybe almost as much as she did!

Feel free to take a look around the rest of our site and let us know what you think –

  • Keep up to date on recent news, or follow along with loved ones while on their journey with our new Blog.
  • Read about the various services we provide for our groups on the Services Page.
  • As we just mentioned see what trips we have in the works and download our brochures on the Upcoming Trips page.
  • View our Gallery of our previous guided Christian tours.
  • Learn more about the fearless leaders on our new About Us page.
  • And as always, Contact Us for more details, to learn more about what we do over the phone, or just to drop a friendly hello.


We’re excited about the new look, but even more so, to have improved tools that will allow us to continue providing the profound and personal experiences that will deepen your faith and bring you closer to our Lord.

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