10-7-18 Good Morning Petra!

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Today we woke up to the bright hot sun waiting to beat down on our necks as we travel through beautiful and sandy Petra.

Our wonderful guide Omar gave us a helpful reminder “walking into Petra is one thing, but good luck walking out” he was right in multiple senses. The sight of the treasury was unbelievable and seemed like the kind of thing you would see on a movie studio with Harrison Ford cracking a whip left and right.

Now the walk back up from the monastery was a hike that made you want to pay for a camel ride back to the top no matter the price.

After a quick scare of loosing one of our group, a moment of relief and clear ice bottled water we went out for lunch and left for Amman (making a quick stop at Moses springs)

Finally we landed at our hotel at the amazing La royal resting, waiting for another exiting day.


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